Microdose with Quinn & Ella: Plant-Based Travel to Guatemala and So Much More!


Microdose with Quinn & Ella: Plant-Based Travel to Guatemala and So Much More!

Microdose with Quinn & Ella: Plant-Based Travel to Guatemala and So Much More!


I used to fancy the New Year’s resolution but over the last four years I’ve just been in constant change, so it seems kind of lost on me just to pick one thing. I started on a journey four years ago of going sober and then quit smoking, quit doing drugs, all that fun stuff, quit smoking weed, and became a vegan a year and a half ago. So I’ve been in a constant state of evolution and growth. – Quinn Donahue

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Quinn Donahue: 0:00

I found it shortly after we met. As one’s mind will do when you find somebody that you can’t get enough of, you start dreaming of travel and you know where can we go. So just in some curse researches found veg news, which have become a big follower since I joined the dark side. If you will, not the dark side, the green side. Yeah, the green side, the light. Anyways, they had a top 10 list of vegan friendly resorts across the world, A lot of them North American based, but there was a couple that were outside of that and one being in Guatemala at Laguna Lodge. I think it was listed as three or four.Ella Magers: 0:44

Hey there and welcome to Rise and Thrive with me, Ella Majors. I created this high vibe podcast from a place of profound curiosity, fierce compassion and the deep desire to connect you with the wisdom of inspirational wellness, health, fitness and conscious leaders and change makers. Here’s to discovering our blind spots and embracing life as the adventure it is. The time is now. Let’s do this. Hey, hey everyone. Ella, here with my co-host today, Quinn, hey babe.Quinn Donahue: 1:23

Hey honey, how are you?Ella Magers: 1:24

Well, how you doing.Quinn Donahue: 1:26

I am raving. Mushroom vegan gravy Mushroom vegan gravy, of course, yeah, they only feel it’s the only way to buy, or vegan?Ella Magers: 1:33

sausage gravy, because my mom made a killer one for Christmas.Quinn Donahue: 1:37

And she did yeah, she’s got the gravy down.Ella Magers: 1:40

And that’s a lot coming from you, because you’re a gravy guy.Quinn Donahue: 1:43

I’m a biscuits and gravy guy.Ella Magers: 1:44

yeah, Thought about changing my name for a while, but yeah, that’d be your rap name if you were a rapper.Quinn Donahue: 1:50

Without that yeah.Ella Magers: 1:53

Biscuits and gravy Vegan, but we got out of the vegan, got out of the vegan in there.Quinn Donahue: 1:58

Yeah, you do, astrid, vegan yeah.Ella Magers: 2:00

Yes, with Astrid, that works All right. You guys, this is our second episode together. Our first one we recorded back in I believe it was November, and we told our how we met story. So if you have not checked out that first episode, we titled it you had Me a Quantum, which was a toss up right between you had Me a Quantum and you had Me at Broccoli.Quinn Donahue: 2:23

Yeah, but you know, Quantum tied in a little bit better with the way we met on the dating app, so that sounded better. But yeah, we’re big fans of Broccoli too.Ella Magers: 2:33

Yes, and for those of you who are new to this show, if this is the first time you’re listening, we are doing this type of show every maybe once a month, or once every six weeks or so. The other shows are mostly interview based with some of the most inspirational humans on the planet, so definitely check those out as well. But yeah, we’re a little over halfway through January at this point, and so I feel like there’s room still to chat a little bit about New Year’s resolutions before we get into our travel experience in December going to Guatemala, because I think this is the time. You know, people are still pretty gung ho about being committed to their New Year’s resolutions. What’s your take on resolutions?Quinn Donahue: 3:18

You know I used to fancy the New Year’s resolution but over the last four years I’ve just been in constant change. So you know it seems kind of lost on me just to pick one thing because I’m just ever changing, ever evolving. I started on a journey four years ago of going sober and then quit smoking, quit doing drugs, all that fun stuff, quit smoking weed, became a vegan a year and a half ago. So I’ve been in a constant state of evolution and growth. So just picking one resolution is just me it’s, you know. I mean, if it works for some people, that’s great, obviously, but I’m way more into resolutions now, and just picking one time a year it’s a constant.Ella Magers: 3:58

Yeah, Shout out to you for being that, for going through such a huge transformation. And then I think, that realization of really embracing the journey you know that’s so cliche, right, but getting to this place and I always talk about kind of getting to a place where I feel like I’m playing life like a game every day and that takes such awareness and I think it’s that awareness that helps us kind of work on getting to the root of why we were being unhealthy, why we were acting in ways that were not aligned with who we are and what we really want for ourselves and our lives in the world and the people around us and animals and all of that, yeah, and now I can’t get enough of it.Quinn Donahue: 4:45

Yeah, it’s always on my mind. I’m always trying to better myself and evolve, and it’s not a once a year kind of thing. Yeah, it’s constantly sharpening my pencil, so it’s just a way of life.Ella Magers: 4:58

Exactly. Yeah, I feel like I’ve been there for a number of years now and feel the same way. I don’t sit down and say here are my resolutions, but what I do do is come up with a word and I used to put that word as part of my passwords and now that I’m sharing it, it will not be a part of my passwords this year it’s going to change that? Yes, but the word I am choosing for 2024 is trust, and that’s been a big one. I just actually started using it a few months ago, just feeling a little anxiety around work. I’m kind of reinventing the brand Sexy, fit, vegan, and it’s exciting and at the same time it’s a little nerve-wracking to be kind of like open to new directions. And there’s lots of other stuff going on in my life with shy passing, and I’ve found that if I can pause and say the word trust trust in the universe, trust in myself, trust in my intuition, trust that everything is going to work out and that everything that is thrown my way, any curveball, is all there to guide me, to help me, to help me grow, to help me discover the blind spots, the things I didn’t know I didn’t know and to just trust, and it’s already helped me a lot. So I’m going to stick with that one for the new year.Quinn Donahue: 6:23

I like that a lot. Yeah, I mean it’s a lot like mine. I would say mine would be breath. I’m in a constant state of reminding myself to breathe through my yoga practice and just falling in love with Ujjayi breath. It’s just changed my life in every way, from sleep to dealing with being caught out of control just in any situation and in patients. But yeah, breath is my word this year.Ella Magers: 6:52

Yeah, that’s a great one too, and yoga has been a huge part of this transformational journey that you’ve been on as well, and so in these last few weeks, we’ve gotten to practice together almost daily, which has been phenomenal.Quinn Donahue: 7:04

Yeah, you can’t beat it. Partner practice is the best.Ella Magers: 7:07

And speaking of yoga and transformation and healthy habits and moving our bodies and nutrition, and all of that. If you guys have not taken advantage of my 22 Reboot program yet, now is definitely the time. It is the perfect kind of jump start, and when I was talking about getting into the roots of why we don’t prioritize our health, why we make choices that are unhealthy, why we go for the chips instead of the apple, right, this program is bite-size, it’s doable, it’s 22 days and it will help you really shift your mindset and get you into a more constant state of awareness and being present and making conscious and mindful choices. It also asks you to commit to 60 minutes of movement a day, to eating whole food, plant-based, and gives you tons of resources that will help you do that. It’ll help you with your sleep hygiene, getting quality sleep, as well as just an overall ability to be mindful in your daily living. So if you haven’t checked out 22 Reboot now, it’s a ton of the tools that I use with my coaching clients, but packaged into a really accessible, really affordable little program that is structured and will deliver you emails each day for 22 days. It’s a great jumpstart. So please make sure to check that out now, while it’s still available.Quinn Donahue: 8:27

So there’s my little piece out.Ella Magers: 8:29

That’s it. Bye, yai, no, but yeah, ok. Well, let’s talk today about our travel experience. I think on our next episode I want to dive a little deeper into our journeys. We’re going to talk about more of that, but since, well, it’s fresh on our minds and I know traveling is one of the big challenges people have when it comes to staying on track, especially with the plant based eating and the vegan compassion. It’s lifestyle. So, yeah, first, I guess, let’s talk about choosing, why we chose the spot we chose and you actually found it for us. So do you want to just talk a little bit about that?Quinn Donahue: 9:06

I found it shortly after we met. As one’s mind will do when you find somebody that you can’t get enough of, you start dreaming of travel and you know where can we go. So just in some cursory searches, found veg news, which should become a big follower since I joined the dark side. If you will, not the dark side, the green side. Yeah, the green side, the light. Anyways, they had a top 10 list of vegan friendly resorts across the world, a lot of them North American base, but there was a couple that were outside of that and one being in Guatemala at Laguna Lodge. I think it was listed as three or four. I was looking at that and it seemed kind of perfect, bounced it off of you and we made the jump. But I’m very thankful that you know veg news led us there. It was just highlighted as having a great vegetarian and vegan restaurant, which you did. We loved it.Ella Magers: 10:01

It did, and it feels good to stay at an eco resort which is what they call themselves on this beautiful Lake Atitlan, which is an energy vortex, and then to be at a resort that doesn’t serve meat at all I think they do serve some eggs and some dairy possibly but for me it felt good to be in this space where there was at least no dead animals like that felt good to me.Quinn Donahue: 10:25

Absolutely, and we’re away from the city Short boat right away from Pana, but it was great.Ella Magers: 10:30

It was beautiful, you guys in four course vegan meals every night. I would call it a lot of it comfort food, but it had the salad, it had the soup and then it had some creamy, delicious, you know, from stuffed eggplant to I don’t know what else we had. It was every night.Quinn Donahue: 10:48

Mushroom lasagna.Ella Magers: 10:50

Oh yeah, mushroom, Mushroom.Quinn Donahue: 10:51

But it really delicious, really solid stuff.Ella Magers: 10:54

Yeah.Quinn Donahue: 10:54

Coffee. Everything was top notch there and it was in its small. There’s like six suites, a couple of rooms.Ella Magers: 11:00

Very romantic.Quinn Donahue: 11:01

Very romantic. It’s timeless for honeymoons. And so glad we went.Ella Magers: 11:07

So glad we went and the whole place, I mean it just was really in line with my journey the last two years, I would say, since experiencing burnout and getting off anti-depressant medications and going down to Peru and doing ayahuasca for six ceremonies over 11 nights and just all with the intention of really embodying inner peace. That’s been my focus the last couple years and this was so aligned with that, so we highly recommend you guys check it out. The other thing about just being there was being in nature, right, and unfortunately we weren’t able to hike to the top of one of the volcanoes. Of course I was like which is the highest volcano? I want to go to the highest peak, and there were some robberies so we didn’t make it there. But I guess my highlight of the whole trip honestly was being able to go do yoga at this place called Doran Yoga, which was about 15 minute boat ride. So every morning at 630, we met the boat taxi out on the dock and made our way across the lake, just 15 minutes to this teeny, tiny little town, and we walked through it every morning up to this gorgeous property and got to do yoga overlooking the lake with a great group of people. And I think I’m going to actually have Doran on this show, so you get to learn more about him and his yoga practice.Quinn Donahue: 12:30

Yeah, it was top notch. That was one of my highlights for sure. Last year and a half I’ve been doing a stonga yoga. His stuff is a stonga base with some western modifications, if you will. Just some really insightful stuff that made a lot of sense and aligned with where my body’s at and just very thankful and grateful to see him and practice to that shala, like you said. I mean it’s overlooking the lake, looking at the volcanoes, with the avocado trees and his little Buddha cafe there, which he’s an ex chef. So from the vegetarian vegan side. So excellent food, excellent vibes, excellent dude.Ella Magers: 13:08

Excellent dude. I like it. And was there anything in particular that you learned about yourself on this journey?Quinn Donahue: 13:20

Yes, of course. Of course. I learned that through these last four years of introspection and evolution, you know it’s obviously a great journey, but having somebody else to echo some roadblocks or speed bumps, if you will and that person being a partner, can be hugely transformative. You know something that echoes the internal dialogue that’s already going on. We were going back through customs at Guatemala City Airport and I’ve messed up the entry form and had to redo it, so I got a little frustrated there with the language barrier and Ella was there just to help me breathe through it and get through it and I think that was the biggest thing just in a little out of control. I mean, in my past life, if you will, I would have handled the situation way different Wouldn’t have been like that. It probably would have been more of a blow up, but this was very mundane in the grand scheme of things, but she noticed it and she was able to call it out and we were able to get through it, no problem. But I think that kind of, you know, internal growth can only go so far to a certain degree. But when you have a loved one that can echo and see you and I think that’s why she’s my partner and that’s you know it’s so special and it was a great learning situation for me.Ella Magers: 14:32

Yeah, it’s interesting because I think, because of the Vegan Life Coach podcast and my blog and doing a lot of interviews and doing this podcast, I’ve gotten very used to vocalizing my inner dialogue and kind of laughing about it and I think that’s not something that the average person really has an opportunity to do very often, if that makes sense meaning you, not that you’re an average, not that you’re average. That did not come out right. Do you know what I mean? Yes, did you take offense to that?Quinn Donahue: 15:02

I am offended.Ella Magers: 15:04

What are you gonna do about it?Quinn Donahue: 15:05

Yeah, yeah.Ella Magers: 15:07

Well, having somebody who’s kind of on the same page and who you’re able to vocalize the frustration and know the response is going to be supportive and loving. And you know we’re here to help each other grow. We’re here to help each other talk things through, and there’s only one way to do that is if you actually communicate about it. So I think the trip for us was great in just getting better at communicating and maybe not taking ourselves too seriously. And being able to laugh at things like that at the end and it might not seem funny at the time, but pretty quickly after it can seem really funny and I think that’s what makes life so adventurous. And everyday life can be fun, just doing kind of normal things when you are able to kind of see it. I always think about Ram Dass and his lectures and how wonderful a storyteller he is and telling the stories of just his everyday life and how amusing it is and him making fun of himself and I think we’ve gotten better at doing that over the last few weeks, love wins.Quinn Donahue: 16:11

You have my best interest in mind, yeah.Ella Magers: 16:13

Thank you.Quinn Donahue: 16:14

And just you know, leaning into that, learning and hearing and seeing and receiving. It is the joy.Ella Magers: 16:20

Yeah Well, one of the dilemmas I had on this trip was this okay, I want to use this as an opportunity to disconnect and to be in the present moment, and my life is my work in a lot of ways, because my work is my purpose and my purpose is why I’m here on the planet and it’s what gets me out of bed every single morning. Since I was seven years old, I get up knowing that I’m here for a purpose and when I’m not fulfilling that, that’s some of where my anxiety comes. So there’s that. Okay, the being over the doing. I know to connect with inner peace. I want to. I’m committed to putting my being first over my doing. And yet I was like what a great travel blog this would be. What a great opportunity to share how we’re doing this so that somebody else might benefit from it, also, how we’re doing it plant based and keeping the healthy vibes going. So I decided I did very little posting. I posted maybe a couple times and I did do quite a number of videos and we took time almost every day, or maybe every day, to reflect on our day, so that we have footage that we can put together a blog. But it was a little bit of a dilemma right before I left I was like, oh, maybe I should just forget the whole video thing and just be there, but I think it worked out all right. And I think another thing was helping me just be able to, helping us like have an opportunity to reflect on what we were doing and I don’t know. Sharing is caring, so do you have any thoughts on that?Quinn Donahue: 17:49

I mean, I think the daily reflections incredible. We should practice that on them If we can, daily. If not, I mean when we’re traveling. It brings a lot of insight. Yeah, I really enjoyed it, to be honest.Ella Magers: 18:01

And I will pat myself on the back just a little bit for the two hours I sat. Two hours I sat still and read a phenomenal book, which you have now just finished, right.Quinn Donahue: 18:12

Just finished it.Ella Magers: 18:13

How we live is how we die, by Pima children. It is an extraordinary work, you guys, and for me, having you know, grieving the loss of my beloved sidekick, my ride or die my spunky little rescue vegan to Wawa. You know, I don’t know it was helpful, it was comforting and it’s not all about death, it’s mostly about life, it’s mostly about living, though she does talk about death, but it kind of. And then it’s based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and, yeah, highly recommend that book. I will put the link in the show notes. I’ll make a note, yeah it was excellent. Yeah, yeah. The other thing we should mention is that, or we should mention I would like to mention, getting rid of those words should. You guys, vocabulary, vocabulary, so important. I stopped using the more busy and I don’t use the word should. So another great thing we did that was bonding and relationship building, was reading out loud together, which I really enjoyed, and we just finished that book as well and that one is called the Alchemist.Quinn Donahue: 19:17

The Alchemist.Ella Magers: 19:18

Yeah, it’s a classic. I had read it many, many, maybe 20 years ago. I had forgotten all about it. But such a great read out loud to each other.Quinn Donahue: 19:26

Totally. Another great bonding exercise, for sure, and listening to your partner yeah read to you. I mean, it doesn’t get any more intimate than that. I really, really enjoyed it every night.Ella Magers: 19:37

Yeah, well, as we start to wind down here, I think we should leave people with a few like of our healthy travel tips. I know they’re just they’re two, maybe the top two, because they make all the difference in the world.Quinn Donahue: 19:51

Really, yeah. And when we were sitting on that plane from Miami to Guatemala and I’m looking at you while we’re eating your pre-made salad, just thinking something so small, such a small action, was yet so profound, and it gave me such joy to have such good food on an airplane which my options were pretzels and soda pop. That’s why we started talking about it, and obviously the airports are food deserts. There’s such little nutritional things to eat there, to say the least.Ella Magers: 20:19

Yeah, it’s definitely gotten better. I mean, I’m saying people, but still it’s like okay, yay, there’s a bagel with vegan cream cheese.Quinn Donahue: 20:26

Right.Ella Magers: 20:26

That’s not my kale and my new chelicious kale and white bean salad, which, if you guys have not gotten my recipe yet, I will also put that link in the show notes. All my clients are addicted to it. Quinn is now addicted to it. It is so nutritious and fulfilling and satisfying and packed with protein and vitamins and minerals, and it is creamy even. And I’m just, I don’t know, I don’t even know what to say about it, except if you haven’t tried it yet, you gotta try it. The new chelicious makes all the difference too.Quinn Donahue: 20:58

Without doubt Best nutritional used out there.Ella Magers: 21:01

Best nutritional used out there. I felt like a bad vegan, you guys, for a long time, because I didn’t like nutritional yeast and everyone was like, oh, vegan nooch, gotta have the nooch. Everywhere you go, put the nooch on everything. And I was like I don’t really love it. Until I had new chelicious and, yes, now I am an affiliate because I use it every single day, all the time. So use my link, grab up some new chelicious I guarantee you’ll be addicted to in the best way. It’s also got 4.4 grams of protein per tablespoon, so you add that to a salad. And then we’ve also got white beans in the salad and some pumpkin seeds on top and you’ve got a nutrition powerhouse so great.Quinn Donahue: 21:43

So great.Ella Magers: 21:43

So that’s one is packing a real meal. Pack yourself a hearty salad instead of trying to take your chances at the airport or go for trail mix. You know one little handful of trail mix which is not really satisfying, right, it’s hundreds and hundreds of calories. It’s not that we’re counting calories, but it’s just very dense, right, Very dense and not very satisfying. And you have a salad like this and you get to where you’re going, especially in Guatemala, where then we had three hours in a car before we got to the hotel. So it’s a long period of time without sustenance. So it’s a great option.Quinn Donahue: 22:21

What was the other one?Ella Magers: 22:22

Lower back support for the plane Ergonomic Big one, yeah, no nutrition and mean on the lower back.Quinn Donahue: 22:30

It’s like I don’t want us to be happy.Ella Magers: 22:32

Yeah, so I use one of those little blow up neck pillows, but I just blow it up and put it behind my back. You’ve got a foamy one.Quinn Donahue: 22:39

Yeah, use my neck horseshoe thing. I put it back there versus on my neck, and it’s significantly better use of it.Ella Magers: 22:46

Yeah, so one for the internal and one for the muscles and the external structure of our bodies. Just those two alone will make any trip start off on the right foot. Agreed, yay, all right. Anything else you’d like us to leave people with today?Quinn Donahue: 23:02

I don’t think so.Ella Magers: 23:04

Well, I know we’re titling this micro dosing with Quinn and Ella so maybe people are like, well, where’s the micro dosing?Quinn Donahue: 23:11

Where is it, you home?Ella Magers: 23:16

We actually are micro dosing today. Okay, and that’s not the point of the point is small doses of information and our experiences on elevating consciousness on topics related to health, compassion, fitness, nutrition. You know all the good stuff. All the good stuff that this show is about. Only, we’re going to kind of share intimately our relationship. Building, I think, is a big one, obviously for us and, yeah, sharing with you our inner dialogue and in ways that will help you up level your own health and happiness and longevity. There we go, there’s your micro dose. All right, thanks for being here with me Of course, baby, I love you. I love you too, and we love all of you listening, yes, we do Love wins.Quinn Donahue: 24:04

Love wins. Bye guys.Ella Magers: 24:09

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Rise and Thrive with me, Ella Majors. I truly hope you found it inspiring and, if you did, please help me spread the word by leaving a rating and review on your favorite podcast player and by sharing the show with your friends. As you probably know by now, my life’s purpose is to use my voice to make this world a more conscious and compassionate place, and your reviews and shares make a huge impact. And last, I’m getting a ton of insanely positive feedback about my short and sweet monthly newsletter called the Way Short for the Way Out Is Through. I give my top five latest badass discoveries, insights and explorations, like vegan products and recipes. I’m obsessed with books and shows I’m loving and workouts that have me fired up. Head on over to my website, EllaMajorscom, to sign up and check out all the other awesome resources I have for you and projects I’m involved with, including Hogs and Kisses Farm Sanctuary, where our mission is to create the best life for farm animals while inspiring compassion for all living beings. Thanks a lot, and I’ll see you on the next one.


I used to fancy the New Year’s resolution but over the last four years I’ve just been in constant change, so it seems kind of lost on me just to pick one thing. I started on a journey four years ago of going sober and then quit smoking, quit doing drugs, all that fun stuff, quit smoking weed, and became a vegan a year and a half ago. So I’ve been in a constant state of evolution and growth.     – Quinn Donahue


Our intention for these “Mircrodose with Quinn and Ella” episodes is to give you small doses of information and insights about fascinating topics related to elevating consciousness, plant-based eating and traveling, holistic health, relationships, veganism, and spirituality.

By having these raw and organic discussions and sharing our experiences, our goal is to help you discover blindspots, make powerful mindset shifts, and take courageous actions that are aligned with a healthier, kinder world for all living beings!


Ever wonder about the transformative power of partnership on the road to personal growth? 

Join Quinn and me, Ella, as we share intimate reflections from our holistic, plant-based travel adventure to Guatemala’s Laguna Lodge, a vegan nirvana that tantalizes the senses and nourishes the soul. 

We delve into the essence of continuous personal evolution, celebrating life beyond the fleeting New Year’s resolutions. The beauty of our journey is sprinkled with anecdotes, from the savory delight that is my mother’s legendary vegan sausage gravy to the significance of anchoring oneself with a guiding word—mine being ‘trust.’ It’s a conversation that promises to stir your curiosity and inspire your own path of compassionate living and self-discovery.

Imagine a serene escape where the palate is pampered with exquisite vegan cuisine and the heart is soothed by the tranquil waters of Lake Atitlán. Our episode transports you to such a paradise, where we recount enchanting days filled with romantic ambiance, integrative yoga practices, and the luxury of simply ‘being’ in nature’s embrace. 

The discovery doesn’t stop at the resort’s doorstep; it extends to the insights we gather about ourselves and the impact of having a supportive co-pilot in life. We muse on how our relationship mirrors our internal dialogues and fuels our mutual growth—all while indulging in the resort’s four-course vegan meals and sharing the serene experiences at Doran Yoga.

Beyond the comfort of the Laguna Lodge, we offer a trove of travel wisdom for the eco-conscious voyager. From the value of mindful vocabulary to maintaining a vegan lifestyle on the go, we provide practical tips and share soul-nourishing reads that bond us. Our dialogue is a gentle nudge towards intentional living, with an undercurrent of joyous compassion waiting to be embraced.

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